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What Is the Endy Mattress Made Of?  

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The Endy is made up of a removable cover and three layers of foam:


Cover: 97% polyester, 3% spandex


Top Layer: 2 inches of undisclosed polyurethane foam 

  • Foam density: Not listed publicly


Middle Layer: 3 inches of polyurethane foam. 

  • Foam density: 1.8 lbs/ft3


Bottom Layer: 5 inches of high-density polyurethane

  • Foam density: 1.8 lbs/ft3


Total Height: 10 inches

Price: $675+


Notes: Endy does not disclose the material density of its topmost layer. Higher foam densities are frequently linked to greater long-term durability but do not provide insight into the mattress’ firmness. The Endy mattress is not compatible with adjustable beds. Endy also uses water-based adhesives in its mattress.


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For comparison, here is the material breakdown of one of Endy’s closest competitors: the Douglas mattress.


Cover: 68% polyester, 31% Tencel®, 3% spandex


Top Layer: 2 inches of ecoLight® cooling gel polyurethane foam

  • Foam density: 2.5 lbs/ft3


Middle Layer: 2 inches of Elastex® foam. 

  • Foam density: 1.85 lbs/ft3


Bottom Layer: 6 inches of high-density polyfoam

  • Foam density: 1.85 lbs/ft3


Total Height: 10 inches

Price: $599+


Notes: Along with its eco-conscious top layer (featuring cooling gel), Douglas’ cover uses plant-derived Tencel. Tencel is harvested sustainably from trees and is sought after for its heat-dissipating qualities. The Douglas mattress is compatible with adjustable beds.

Disclosure: I am an employee of GoodMorning.com.

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