Logan & Cove Luxury Firm vs. Medium Plush - The differences revealed by real owner feedback [INFOGRAPHIC]  

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Wondering what the differences are between the two Logan & Cove firmness options?

There’s no need to wonder – here’s how over 500 real Logan & Cove owners rated their mattresses.

*Data used in this report come from reviews written between 10/13/2019 and 2/14/2020 from verified Logan & Cove owners, verifiable through the Logan & Cove website.


Logan & Cove - Medium Plush

Results from over 150 surveyed owners:

  • 4% of owners described the mattress as “Soft”
  • 21% of owners described the mattress as “Medium-Soft”
  • 38% of owners described the mattress as “Medium”
  • 34% of owners described the mattress as “Medium-Firm”
  • 3% of owners described the mattress as “Firm”


This breakdown follows a classic bell curve and is perfect for sleepers who want something not too soft, and not too firm, but just right. As you can see, just over 9 out of 10 owners describe the firmness as falling within either extreme of the firmness spectrum, with the scales tipping ever so slightly to the firmer side of things, mirroring general preferences across the population. 


Medium Plush is also the best choice for most side sleepers who need a bit of extra give beneath their hips and shoulders in order to keep a neutral spine.


Logan & Cove - Luxury Firm

Results from over 375 surveyed owners:

  • 1% of owners described the mattress as “Soft”
  • 2% of owners described the mattress as “Medium-Soft”
  • 8% of owners described the mattress as “Medium”
  • 57% of owners described the mattress as “Medium-Firm”
  • 32% of owners described the mattress as “Firm”


If you like your mattresses on the firmer side, this is the one to choose. Around 9 out of 10 owners described their Logan & Cove Luxury Firm mattress as “medium-firm” or “firm,” compared to just under 4 out of 10 for the Medium Plush option. The mattress has minimal give, making it a great choice for strict side sleepers and back sleepers.



In composition, the two models are almost identical. The only difference comes with the fourth layer. In the Medium Plush model, this one-inch layer of soy-infused foam is split into three zones, with the middle zone being slightly softer than either of the outer sections, allowing for your hips to sink in a bit further. (This is well-suited for those of us with curvier physiques.) In the Luxury Firm version, this layer is not zoned. Rather, it’s one consistent layer from end to end.


What is different between the two versions is how they react to pressure. Though the material ingredients are identical, the ones in the Luxury Firm version have a higher ILD rating, taking more force to compress. This coincides perfectly with the user reviews shown above.


Still Unsure?

Even if you blindly ordered a mattress, the chances are close to those of a coin toss that you’ll find the mattress to be medium-firm. And that tends to be a great firmness for all major sleep positions.


Any other questions? Let us know the comments below.

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