Box spring slat gap  

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I just purchased a king size mattress and the salesman suggested that I find a box spring where the gap between the slats are less then 2 inches apart. I am having trouble finding a box spring that fits this requirement. I have a few questions:


1) Do you have any suggestions for an affordable box spring?

2) Is the 2 inch gap even necessary? Would 6 inches be sufficient?

3) I found a box spring that does have 6 inch gap between the slats, but have metal wiring between the slats. Would that be sufficient?


Note that we purchased an Airland coil mattress (~10 inch thick)

2 Answers


Hi, it's best to go with what the salesman recommended. Zinus and offer affordable wood foundations/box springs. Zinus box springs can be purchased on the Zinus website or on Amazon.

Using a box spring that has 6" gaps between the slats could cause premature sagging and will make your new mattress feel soft. I also suggest connecting with Airland to get a better understanding of which kinds of box springs are suitable. For some mattress brands, metal slats can cause damage to the mattress. 

If you'd like to purchase the box spring you found, I strongly recommend placing a sheet of unfinished plywood over the top of your box spring for your mattress to sit on. That should provide the support it needs. 



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Technically, you don’t need a box spring for your bed, in most cases. With that said, most warranties for mattresses require a foundation of some sort. 



have you eventually found the box?

Lol, today I had a lady who wanted to buy two sets of 2 twin XL box springs, so her bed would sit higher lol

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