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Post your questions and comments about the Emma mattress company.

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Mattresses: Emma


Available In: Europe, USA, Canada


Where to Buy: Online, Amazon


Similar Mattresses from GoodMorning.com: Juno ($329+), Douglas ($599+)


Review: Coming soon




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What do you think about platform beds? Any recommendations on mattresses? Does it need something propper or I can use an ordinary mattress? 
Here I came across a comparison, but I'd better know your professional opinion. 

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Using the right frame can help prolong the life of your mattress. Using a frame that is not compatible can cause premature sagging and will make your mattress feel soft. Platform beds with a solid untreated wood surface or with flat non-flexing wood slats should be compatible with most new mattresses. The untreated wood surface allows the mattress to breathe and prevents moisture from collecting underneath. For slatted frames, the requirements width of the slats and the distance between each slat may vary between each mattress manufacturer. We always recommend double-checking to make sure your frame is compatible with the manufacturer of your new mattress before using it.

The link you shared, shows American brands. Are you in Canada or the United States? What are the most important features that you're looking for in a mattress?

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